Rockland County NY Bankruptcy Appraisals

Regional Real Estate Appraisal Service was formed in 1998, and has performed ten's of thousands of appraisals which leads the local area in production due to the high quality of appraisals and service in which its customers have grown to appreciate.  We have withstood the test of time within the volatile real estate industry.  We work with many trusted local attorneys and have over 20 years of testimony experience.  Call us today at (845) 786-7374 or email, to get us started in assisting you through this tough process.  

Declaring bankruptcy is a painful and confusing administration procedure. Every person shall want a piece of your strain resource during this challenging time. Your largest valuable asset, your home, shall play a big role in determining your bankruptcy case. Therefore, an accurate valuation of your property within a quick turnaround time is crucial to facilitating smooth bankruptcy proceedings.

Irrespective of the bankruptcy chapter you are declaring, Regional's bankruptcy appraisal firm have the knowledge and expertise to help you walk through the bankruptcy process as painlessly as possible. Rockland appraisers will work closely with bankruptcy attorneys to provide all reports quickly and accurately.

It is advisable not to low-ball an appraisal when filing for bankruptcy. An appraisal should never be slant to favor the debtor, as this will also favor with the courts of law. It is a criminal offense to file a dishonest appraisal. This is the reason why a reputable firm must always do your appraisal. Rockland bankruptcy appraisals advise a debtor with a complete appraisal; in addition, the firm also compiles a complete report on description of the property appraised. A description of the methodology used to determine the value is also stated.

Regional Real Estate Appraisal Svc. can appraise all types of commercial and residential properties, irrespective of the complexity. All appraisers working with us are certified appraisers. In addition, our appraisers must go through a thorough screening process to be part of our team. There is also an initial training about our high integrity and standards culture.

The bankruptcy courts use real estate appraisals for various purposes. The first reason why the court of law may need an appraisal is to determine whether property of the debtor is free from claims of the creditor. In many circumstances, the courts of law will protect the debtor’s assets from the jaws of the creditor. This is clear chapter in the federal bankruptcy law. Secondly, estate appraisal can determine whether the debtor has enough assets to pay his/her debts. If the debtor has the ability to pay creditor, a bankruptcy petition may not go through; however, a debtor may establish how to pay the creditor.

Therefore, a real estate appraisal is a crucial report that may determine your bankruptcy case. This is the reason why you need always to source the best appraisal firm. You may consider reputation of given firms and choose the best one. With Regional's bankruptcy appraisals, you get; an explanation of your options, as well as a solution tailored to your bankruptcy situation.